Hi, I’m Vance Wong.

I relish having deep and meaningful conversations to learn the motivations, passions and even obsessions of people. Recording a weekly/podcast (on hiatus now) with a like-minded friend is one way I’m satisfying my thirst for knowledge and improvement.

As a part-time cinephile, I spend my free time obsessing over films, especially the science-fiction genre. I satisfy my penchant for over-analysing films by contributing film reviews to F*** Movie Magazine (read all the reviews I’ve written by going to the “FILM” category on my blog).

When I’m not creating content or watching films, I’ll be spending my time studying the Korean language and culture, which I took up as a hobby since 2014. Other times, I’ll be practising Yoga (mainly Ashtanga) to keep fit and active.

I’m currently working at Heroes of Digital, a digital marketing agency committed to helping small and medium businesses grow through digital platforms. I’m currently a Client Success Manager — I oversee 60+ digital marketing campaigns for 10+ clients, helping them convert online visitors to paying customers and clients.

More recently, I’m helping out a friend and mentor with his yoga studio business over at Peculiar Yogi, mainly with his marketing activities online and offline. I love Ashtanga yoga, and yoga in general, because of the health benefits (both mental and physical).


Vance Wong

Brain-picker. Cinephile. Koreaboo.