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After completing my 2020 writing challenge with a wrap-up post, I haven’t update the blog for more than three months. And I’m feeling the rustiness setting in where putting the figurative pen to paper is concerned.

It’s only apt to start again with a review post of the goals I set for myself this year, since the structure and key content points are more or less been decided.

Nevertheless, there are some developments in my career that might disrupt some of 2021’s goals, not necessarily in a bad way, but rather to remind myself about what matters most in life.

On the bright side, I’ll be achieving the most anticipated goal of 2021 from a personal standpoint very soon.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

I’m enrolled into a 200-hour Yoga teacher training (YTT) that starts on 12 Jun, and one that’s offered by a Yoga instructor I’ve been following for quite some time now. Also, I’m helping out at his Yoga studio, Peculiar Yogi, in various ways that I can.

This is the single most important goal to me for 2021 and I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to make good on my word to do it. There are many uncertainties I’m currently struggling with, but I’m sure things will eventually work out.

To prepare myself, I’ve been observing the current YTT batch’s classes, and even joining in the practices. I also intend to eat clean 1 month before the course to prepare my body.

I’ve been vegetarian since the start of 2021, but I intend to cut down on guilty treats (eg. bubble tea, snacks, tidbits) even more and probably completely during the course.

It might be more appropriate to share my YTT journey in one single post starting from the preparation, all the way to my first official class at a physical studio (or virtual one). More details on that soon!

Native Mobile App Development

As far as Flutter goes, I haven’t made much progress since last year. I hope I’ll get more time in the second half of 2021 to at least finish the course I’ve bought on Udemy and start building a simple app in Flutter.

I’m still using Adalo to update Peculiar Yogi’s mobile apps (iOS & Android) and it helps that they’re making good progress on updates and improvements. However, as the studio grows, I’m confident that we’ll eventually outgrow Adalo’s offerings, and a custom built mobile app from scratch (ideally using Flutter) would be more appropriate.

That said, I only foresee myself rebuilding it in Flutter next year if all goes well, because I wouldn’t want to dive straight into a production-ready mobile app for Peculiar Yogi without any experience building smaller apps.

Perhaps this could be my next project and goal in 2022, although it’s still too early to be setting goals for next year!

Blog direction

I’ve been thinking for some time and most likely I’ll start “revamping” my blog’s direction to better reflect my current goals and content that I intend to push out. It’d be something along the lines of digital marketing and Yoga, which have been and will be an important part of both my personal and professional life.

Most likely the blog will look slightly different, maybe I’ll “archive” content from the past that don’t fit into the main direction I want the blog to take, and categorise the key content better.

Either way, most of my energy and time would be on making sure I get the most out of the upcoming YTT and helping Peculiar Yogi stabilise before the second half of 2021. Thereafter, a new chapter in my career would take the forefront.

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by Vance Wong


Vance Wong

Brain-picker. Cinephile. Koreaboo.