Slaves Of Our Own Imagination


The human mind is wondrous and terrifying at the same time – it’s a starter for many great and disastrous things. The same idea can go south when in the wrong mind; likewise, a seemingly ridiculous idea can also become world-changing.

And because our minds are at the beck of our call, we often overestimate what our bodies can actually deliver in our limited time every day. That’s probably why procrastination is the killer of most great ideas.

There’s always tomorrow or later for me to work on this. There are thousands of other things that I can and want to do right now.

We play out our grand ideas in our minds, day after day on end, but we very seldom act on anything, just because we like to imagine. It’s easy and satisfying to imagine because most of us like the idea of achieving something, not the process.

Naturally, we become slaves of our imagination, working only on matters that contribute to our short-term pleasure and happiness. I’m guilty of it myself at times, especially when something new and unique catches my attention.

That said, I’m someone who’s obsessed with personal output and tracking my progress on goals, specifically goals that I’ve invested time, money and effort in. When I look back on any given day that I’m supposed to achieve something and I’m nowhere near it, I “call” myself out.

Of course, even then, there are days where I just want to laze around and just spend some time doing absolutely nothing. But over a week, there are certain objectives I set for myself to make sure I don’t veer off course too much.

After all, how we spend one day could very well be how we spend the entire year – we’re just creatures of habit.

This short post is just a quick reminder that we should spend less time imagining ourselves doing something and set concrete objectives and milestones to keep ourselves on track.

That and I’m really swarmed this week to write the usual 1,000-word post. Swarmed in a good way, which is also why 2021 will be the year where I commit to a yoga-related challenge inline with my mid-2021 goal of getting 200-hour yoga teacher training certification.

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by Vance Wong


Vance Wong

Brain-picker. Cinephile. Koreaboo.